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Opening Times

We are open Monday to Saturday:

Mon - Thurs

Session 1 - 3.45 - 5.05

Session 2 - 5.15 - 6.35


Session 1 - 3.45 - 5.05


Session 1 - 09.30 - 10.50

Session 2 - 11.00 - 12.20

about us


We are a friendly and approachable team of tutors delivering sessions to small groups of children in a calm, positive learning environment.

Each student has access to a laptop and tuition is supported by a vast bank of resources developed by the team.

We work closely with parents, children and where possible, the students’ class teacher to provide the necessary support to ensure that they make progress. As experienced teachers, we take a highly personalised approach to tuition.

Students’ efforts are encouraged through positive reinforcement, reward charts and prizes. Students enjoy learning as part of a group of motivated learners whilst benefiting from our close attention.

We are passionate about supporting learners, either through our personalised tuition sessions, or providing a venue that can be used by alternative education providers, or home educated children. If you would like more information about our alternative education offer, please visit here.

our values

Our values and principles:


  • To provide a safe, secure, motivating learning environment

  • To work collaboratively to provide the best support for each child

  • To foster a ‘can do’ attitude in all students

  • To ensure students make sustained progress

We will achieve this by offering:

  • A well-equipped & comfortable centre for learning

  • Qualified, experienced teaching professionals

  • Access to up to date technology to support learning

  • Regular contact with parents and class teachers

  • Rewards and prizes for effort

  • Carefully thought out approaches to tuition which ensure that children receive positive reinforcement and encouragement

  • High quality resources to support learning

  • How long are the sessions?
    Our sessions last for 80 minutes, during which the student will work on their core subject.
  • How much does it cost?
    Our sessions are £27.50. We invoice on a monthly basis for the current month, with payment due within 7 days of the invoice date. There are discounts for termly payments, siblings and double sessions. Please visit our Fees page to see how much these are.
  • Is it 1:1 Tuition or Group?
    The Tutor will have approx 6/8 students in a session. During the 80 minute session the Tutor will work independently with the students, setting and reviewing work and providing support as necessary.
  • Life is busy, what happens if I miss a session?
    Missed sessions can be booked for another date. We cannot refund sessions that are missed.
  • Can I get feedback on my child's progress?
    Yes of course, please speak with their Tutor, or email and we will ensure that you get any feedback that you have requested.
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