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free assessment

Free Assessment Request

We will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange an assessment.

We offer a free personalised assessment for each child before you make the decision to sign up.


The assessment provides an opportunity for parents/carers and children to visit the centre and meet the tutors.

We spend 20 minutes working with your child to identify areas they feel confident in and to understand why they may be finding other areas difficult.

We can focus on areas of concerns from parents/carers and we spend time after the assessment talking through our findings and how we may be able to support your child and increase their confidence.

Some parents like to bring along school reports or feedback from teachers so we can fully plan a personalised approach to your child's progress but we do not expect you to bring anything with you.

You may leave your child for the 20 minutes or there is an area to sit and wait, or you can enjoy a coffee in a local coffee shop. Siblings are welcome to wait too!

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